Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Kate was very excited about Halloween this year. She chose to be a fairy princess (note the wings). I squeezed Jill into a 0-6 month frog costume because I thought it was so cute (and I got it for free), but the poor kid couldn't extend her legs so she kept falling over during the pictures. Kate helped me carve the pumpkin this year, and we gave it 6 teeth in honor of Jill. (For Kate's first Halloween, our pumpkin had 2 teeth.)

We trick or treated on our street with some neighbors for a while, then headed over to join some friends in their neighborhood. Here's Kate with her pals.

Jill has a cold and is teething pretty badly, but she was a trooper for the most part and enjoyed the walk in the stroller. The weather has been gorgeous, and we enjoyed the time outdoors with good friends.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

We attempted on two different occassions to take pumpkin patch pictures of the kids together, but Kate seems to be going through an anti-photo op phase. She has been a champion "smile and say cheese" kinda kid for most of her life, so I hope she grows out of this quickly. We did get some cute pics of Jill, though.

Here's Kate lookin' too cool for school...and pumpkin pictures.

On the move . . .

Our little Jillybilly is mobile! About ten days after she turned 9 months old, Jill started crawling. Kate didn't crawl until 11 months, so this is sort of catching me off guard. Jill has already mastered her walker and loves chasing Kate around the house. I think that having a big sister has greatly contributed to Jill's desire to move. She is just not happy being stationary anymore...the exersaucer might as well be a prison cell.

Here's Jill in the walker, which by the way is murder on your heels when she rams into you from behind.

Here she is playing with her musical table/standing toy.

And here she is standing in her crib. Josh helped her pull up, but once there she LOVED the view, as you can tell. She has tried and tried to pull up on her own, and I'm sure it won't be long until she does. (These pictures remind me of similar photos of Kate at this age.)

Here's some video of Jill crawling. This was several days ago--she's actually much faster now. I guess it's time to babyproof the house again . . .