Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kate's 5th Birthday, Rapunzel Style!

Our sweet Kate turned 5 this month!  What a milestone!  On her birthday, Josh and I took her out for a special date while a friend took care of Jill for us.  Kate wore her "fanciest" dress (actually, it's a flower girl dress that I wore in my Aunt's wedding when I was 5), and we took her to the Cheesecake Factory.  She was so surprised when the waiters sang Happy Birthday to her and brought her an ice cream sundae, which was her first of two desserts because you can't go to the Cheesecake Factory without ordering something sweet!

We gave Kate the movie "Tangled" for her birthday, which she's seen a few times but we didn't own.  Kate had been asking for months to have a Rapunzel/Tangled themed birthday party.  So, I gave it my best effort, and thanks to Pinterest we came up with a few fun a donut tower, Pascal party blowers, and a Flynn Rider pinata, which the kids hit with a frying pan of course.

Jill modeling the Pascal blower.

Our own Flynn Rider!

Some of the pinata pictures cracked me up...the kids seemed to hit poor Flynn with such gusto. 

Such sweet friends!
Opening presents with the help of many hands.
Pink?  Frilly?  Yes please.  Needless to say, the feathers from this boa are all over the house now.  Looks like a pink goose was strangled in our living room.  Thanks Papaw and Nana.  :)
What Rapunzel wouldn't be complete without her pet Pascal?

That night, we lit the Rapunzel lanterns and let Kate stay up late to enjoy them.  

Happy 5th birthday, Kate!  We're so blessed to have wonderful family and friends who shared in making this a special day for our little girl.