Monday, March 31, 2008

At long last...mobility!

After months of trying, yesterday Kate finally crawled! It is a funny, one-leg-extended crawl, but a crawl nonetheless! Kate was showing off her skills at Bible study last night, and a friend called it the wounded-soldier crawl. Here's video from this morning:

We've said for months that Kate might walk before she crawls...and it looks like we weren't far off. For several weeks now, Kate has been cruising holding onto furniture. She is getting more and more brave, eager to let go and explore. Here's two videos of her coming to daddy, albeit still a little wobbly.

It is definitely a whole new world for her and for us!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Kate. Here she is discovering her Easter basket on Sunday morning:

Ready to go to church in her Easter dress (a gift from Kayla Welborn):

Playing with her Easter eggs in the backyard:

And, since I haven't blogged in a while, I need to catch you up on Kate's new skills. She is now confident enough to let go of furniture and reach out to walk to us. We still have to help steady her, but as long as she has our hands to grasp she is eager to walk. In just the past couple of days, we've noticed her balancing on her own for a few seconds, so I think it will be no time before she's walking by herself. Ah! Kinda scary! Here's video of her learning to walk with the push walker that the Conlys let us borrow. It's a little difficult for her because the wheels spin so fast, but if we help slow it down she's pretty good at it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

10 Month Update

Hard to believe our little doodlebug turned 10 months old today. In the words of my dad, Tempus sure do Fugit. Much has happened by way of developmental milestones in recent days. Last week, Kate started "cruising" (i.e., holding onto furniture and walking). It's amazing how quickly she is mastering this skill. She is still very cautious, but is balancing better every day. As many of you know, Kate has yet to crawl. I'm told by our pediatrician and other mom-friends that this is perfectly fine. Many babies (including Josh) skip crawling altogether. However, Kate does seem to want to crawl now more than ever. Today she actually army-crawled/scooted backwards a little bit for the first time, so maybe she is getting closer.

I mentioned in my last post that Kate is becoming a chatterbox. She loves to "talk," and the latest sound that she's discovered is a really cute "b" sound that comes out something like "butta butta butta." I happened to catch it on video:

Kate's also learned to drink out of a sippy cup with a straw (she's really taken to it and seems to like it much better than traditional sippy cups). She looks like such a big kid to us with that cup! She's become very adept at eating finger foods and loves them, though she's also learned that Toby likes finger foods, too.

The Conlys let us borrow their push-walker toy that converts to a ride-on. Kate is still trying to figure out the pushing part, but she loves sitting on it! If you're able to enlarge this picture (sorry if that feature doesn't work...we're still figuring out the kinks in the coding) you can see Kate's teeth coming in. She's got 4 on top and 4 on bottom in various stages. They really have multiplied in just the past few weeks!