Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ski Trip 2012

Thanks to a very kind invitation from some friends, we had the opportunity to join them on a 5-family ski trip in Utah last week. Jill stayed in Texas and enjoyed some extended time with the grandparents while the rest of us suited up for the snow!

The view from our bedroom at the lodge:

On the slopes with Josh.

Girls ski day with Sunee.

This was directly after Kate's first and only day at ski school...she was just a little tired.

Although Kate did well at ski school (we sneaked some video of her going down the bunny slope), she much preferred just to play in the snow. So, for the remainder of the vacation Kate's time outside consisted of eating snow, sledding, and eating more snow. There were 13 kids at the house--needless to say Kate had a marvelous time and played non-stop.

We made some great memories and are so grateful to our friends for including us in this fabulous trip!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We recently took the girls to see the Dinosaur Park near Bastrop. Basically, it's a walking trail through the woods with life-sized dinosaur replicas throughout. Living Social had a 50% off deal, so we took advantage of it and enjoyed a fun day trip.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jill's Barnyard Birthday!

Jill turned 2 on January 12, and to celebrate her birthday we had a few friends and family over for a barnyard themed party. We dressed the part, and had some fun farm crafts and treats!

The kids decorated their own barns with farm animal stickers.

Then we headed outside for a few games, like farm animal charades.

Back inside for some healthy snacks (before getting all sugared up).

And then, the good stuff. :) Jill picked the sheep cupcake, I think because it was covered in marshmallows.

Jill really enjoyed opening her presents. She was so excited about each gift. (Thank you to our sweet friends and family!)

Signing "Thank You."

Happy Birthday, Jilly billy! We love you so. You already have such a distinctive personality. You are spunky, silly, and sometimes downright hilarious. When you do test boundaries, you are quick to give hugs and apologies. Your snuggles can (and do) melt anyone! You and Kate are becoming such great playmates. It's so much fun for your Dad and I to watch. We pray that you two will grow into lifelong best friends. We love you and look forward to the wonderful developments and blossoming personality that your third year will bring!