Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sisters: Comparing at 3 Months

Here's Kate at about a week shy of 3 months (7/25/07)...

And Jill at about a week after 3 months (4/21/10)...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 3 Month Birthday, Chunky Monkey!

Jillian turned three months old yesterday. She is still by and large a happy, easy going baby, and her smile can light up a room. We are dealing with some mild reflux, which I suspect is contributing to occasional fussiness, but hopefully the medicine will kick in soon. She is 95th percentile in weight, so obviously it isn't affecting her eating too much. :)

Jill loves to watch her big sister, and Kate does her best to entertain us all. She loves to play dress up...the more bling, the better. This particular morning, she decided to add a cowgirl flare to the usual Cinderella attire. I think she may have a future as a rodeo queen.