Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flower Girls!

Finally, and after much practice, Kate and Jill were able to fulfill their flower girl duties in Uncle Casey and Aunt Sherrill's wedding on February 17 at Nottoway Plantation, near Baton Rouge.  The day was lovely, and the girls were perfect.  Had it not been for such a breathtakingly beautiful bride, they might just have stolen the show.

After the wedding, we danced the night away. Jill trademarked her own style...sort of a shimmy-shimmy-kick.  I have awesome video of Kate doing her "Barbie Princess & the Popstar" choreography, but I think I'll save that for blackmail when she's 16.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were completely exhausted by the time they got to bed.

Congratulations, Sherrill and Casey.  We are so very happy for you!  Thank you for including our girls in your special day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Jill!

On January 12, we celebrated Jill's third birthday with family and friends.  She of course requested a princess theme.  We invited her friends to come dressed as royalty.  The played princess bingo and Beauty & The Beast freeze dance, and then all enjoyed pizza and cupcakes.  Our Jillian is funny, loving, playful, and also strong-willed and independent.  She is growing up and not letting us forget it. :)  We love her so much and look forward to seeing what this year brings.  Happy Birthday Jilly Billy!