Thursday, November 1, 2012


Kate decided to take a break from her long-time princess affinity and be a Rock Star for Halloween.  Jill, of course, wanted to go as whatever her sister wanted to go as...but I decided I couldn't handle a two-year-old Rock Star.  So, I used glittery wings to persuade her to be a fairy, or more specifically, the Tooth Fairy.

We had our small group over, plus other neighbors, friends and family, for pizza and trick or treating.  Twenty kids in all!

 The girls had a blast, but we are all now in a weird haze of tired + sugar buzz.

Here's some other pictures from recent days...

Jill's first attempt at scooping the goop out of a pumpkin.

 Kate's Kindergarten Fall Party.  Jill is right in there with the big kids!