Monday, July 12, 2010

Jill's 6 Month Update

Jill turns 6 months old today. She continues to be such a smiley, social baby! The past two months have brought many "firsts" to her world: toys, food, a tooth (came in on June 28), sitting up, and rolling over. (Okay, she's only rolled over once but we figure it is no easy feat to flip that 95th percentile tummy over.)

She enjoys the exersaucer daily, though the teething ring seems to frustrate her just like it did Kate.

Her favorite pastime is definitely the doorway jumper.

She has literally jumped herself to sleep three times.

Here's Kate getting in on the jumping action with her little sis:

When Jill turned 5 months old, we tried rice cereal. She LOVED it. We've since tried some other first foods (sweet potatoes, pears, and peaches), none of which she even remotely liked. The girl definitely prefers bland mush to anything with flavor.

The day we fed Jill her first bowl of rice cereal, Kate was so interested that she requested a bowl for herself. She polished off two bowls of yucky, tasteless rice cereal--just mixed with tap water--and declared that it was delicious. I'm pretty sure she didn't actually think it was so great...she just wanted to be included in Jill's food adventure.

Kate has been a doting big sister from the very first day we brought Jill home, but now they are really starting to interact which is such fun to watch.

In the past few days, Jill started sitting up with the Boppy pillow for support. I think she enjoys the new point of view. I know she'll be mobile in the blink of an eye, so I want to savor this time when I put her down and she stays there. :) Congrats on your 6 month birthday, sweet Jilly billy!