Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Camping Trip

I've been rather slack in blogging this summer. I'll blame it on the extreme heat. Thankfully, we're finally getting a break in the weather. And, of course, the record setting drought that has stricken Central Texas was brought to an end . . . on the weekend we scheduled a camping trip. :) If we'd known that was all it took, we would have gone camping 6 months ago.

We met some friends (the Conlys, Carters, and Kinmans) at Inks Lake State Park. The plan was to camp Friday and Saturday night, but the rain forced us to pack it in a day early. Still, the kids had a lot of fun--during the day. Sleeping was another matter. This was Jill's first camping trip and she didn't quite take to sleeping a tent, even though it is a XL 3-Room Vacation Lodge.

We were teased just a bit about the size of our tent, but I was happy to have the space. :)

The kids were great at entertaining themselves and getting very dirty. We spent Saturday morning at Sweet Berry Farm and really enjoyed the pumpkin patch, feeding the goats, and picking beautiful flowers.

Saturday afternoon we fished at Inks Lake. Jill was a really determined fisher-girl. She didn't want to quit, even though we didn't get a nibble.

Jill also enjoyed riding around in our wagon. She had the best mode of transport.
Despite the rain and lack of sleep, we enjoyed spending time with our good friends and look forward to our next camping trip in the spring.