Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Accessory

Our beautiful girl is now donning a new accessory...glasses! Thanks to a very thorough vision screening at preschool (and a diligent screener who caught what our pediatrician's office missed), we discovered that Kate has an eye condition similar to what her dad was diagnosed with in elementary school. She has one strong eye and one weak eye (amblyopia). We were concerned that she may have to wear a patch to strengthen her weak eye, just as Josh did as a child. We took her to a pediatric opthalmologist, who told us the current research says to start with glasses, and if things don't improve then a patch may be the next step. We're praying that the glasses do the trick, because a patch just doesn't sound like fun at all. But, for the time being, we are so thankful that Kate loves her new glasses! And, doesn't she look all grown up!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kate and Kiwi

In Kate's preschool class, every child gets to take Kiwi the monkey (sort of the class mascot) home for a weekend. They are told to record their adventures with Kiwi and take pictures, then add them to a class journal. Kate was so very excited for her chance to take Kiwi home. He went with us everywhere!

They made bread together, enjoyed snacks, went to mom's allergy doctor's office, and even took a trip to a local farm with Adelaide & Abe.

Halloween 2011

I'm playing blog catch up tonight. Here are some pictures from Halloween this year. We invited Bible study friends to join us, so we had a whole herd of trick or treaters. Kate and Jill were, of course, princesses. However, these princesses also wore super hero capes. I think it gave them a regal air.

We hadn't even started, and Kate already had the gleam of candy in her eyes...

The whole gang.

"Hey guys, wait up!"