Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on the Big Girl Room

Kate slept in her big girl bed for the very first time today, and it has been a great success!

For naptime, she was pretty excited and told me she didn't want to read a book or anything, she just wanted to go to bed. She kept saying, "Goodbye!" (trying to get me to leave). So, I tucked her in, and then went to my room to watch on the video monitor, not quite knowing what to expect. She quickly got out of bed and went to turn on her owl lamp that she adores. Then, she turned it off and ran back into bed, as if sensing I was on my way in. I did go in and gently reminded her that she needs to stay in bed. I left, and once again the scene repeated itself. I went back in, and this time I wised up and put on the bed safety railing. That seemed to do the trick. I think Kate felt a little more snug and secure, and after talking to herself for a few minutes she fell asleep and slept for an hour and 45 minutes. Yea!

So tonight, we put her to bed and watched her, and she did get out once to turn on her lamp, but all it took was one visit from me to tuck her back in, and she settled down, sang some songs, and is sleeping peacefully now. :-)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Girl Room

Kate's been staying with my mom and dad this week, giving me a chance to get her new room organized and decorated. Our plan is to introduce the twin bed now, giving her several months (if needed) to cope before the baby comes and Kate is evicted from the crib for good. After much debate, I went with the "Love and Nature" themed decor from Target. It has trees, owls, birds, and other woodland creatures and has pinks and greens, which was what I was looking for. I love the quilt, and I also think the wall decals are really cute too...the picture doesn't do them justice. They look much less "stickery" in person. Anyway, I'm so thankful to have Kate well cared for while I got her room finished and accomplished a whole list of other odds and ends around the house.