Monday, January 6, 2014

An early birthday celebration for Jilly

Jill, like many of her preschool-set peers, has found a new obsession in the Disney movie Frozen.  She and Kate are both huge fans, but I think Jill has attached in a more significant way.  After all, it's not often that a January birthday girl gets a brand new, winter-friendly Disney princess to plan her party around.  I do appreciate the sisterly love that is depicted in the movie, which is an extra special element for Kate and Jill.  At any rate, Jill has most definitely requested a Frozen birthday party, which I am planning for this weekend with a few of our friends.  In the meantime, during our recent visit to see the grandparents in Elkhart, my mom decided to throw Jill her own version of a Frozen-party (because they can't make it to Austin on Saturday).  What sweet grandparents my kiddos have!  This lucky little girl will get to celebrate with two parties this year.  :) 




Jill got to celebrate with her Great Aunt Jill, who shares a January birthday...and was a great sport in the snowman wrapping game!

Happy early birthday Jilly bean!  More posts to come of her Austin-Frozen bash later this week.

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